This was another collaboration with the great Tom Frater, and was, I think (I never saw it), published last year in 9th Art Magazine (the site seems to be defunct right now).

Hopefully I’ll start again posting before too long you guys.

ImageUuuuuuuh, we’re gonna have couple weeks downtime now. My laptop got stolen!


snufkin_smallThis is a picture of me as Snufkin! It’s so great, and it’s by Helena.



movember1_smallwell needless to say the moustache was an embarassment, and only mildly improved by glitter

and apparently I’d forgotten just how wispy it was, as my later sketches only brought further ridicule:
movember2_smallthank god I have friends who realise your ability to grow facial hair is unrelated to your gender.

also check out anna’s go-faster stripe on the back of the neck there. zip!

Bechdel Test

bechdel_singleframe_small_texturedI made a longer version of this with clunky explanations as well, and I quite like the drawings – it’s below the cut:
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New notebook


I have no skill in accessing my memories of events. It’s odd. I know where I’ve left items to the extent that I can find them without switching on a light, but I can’t remember events. I always carry a notebook and pen in my pocket, it’s an external memory.

Girls With Slingshots


I don’t do fan art, or I didn’t. I’ve made a new year’s intention to do some. This is for Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots, as she’s having a guest comic week and I had a night off.


horse_page1_small_dark horse_page2_small_dark horse_page3_small_dark horse_page4_small_dark horse_page5_alternate_small_dark

-  –  -

This is a comic I made a couple of years ago, and it was going to be published but that project slowly melted.
I climbed a hill in the snow this week, and I decided it’s the right time to put this up, while the snow is here and before my fondness for it melts.



New Year’s Intentions


New year’s intentions (the ones fit to publish anyway). Not resolutions, ’cause then I’d be beating myself up about them.

Regular service resumes!!


I am excited to tell you that from next week I’ll be posting regularly! I will be posting twice a week, Mondays and Fridays, until I get gobbled up by the sciencemonster that lives under my desk.

Above is Pako investigating a forthcoming post which is six feet tall. He likes to paw at the twins in it, but sometimes paws too hard.


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