Scabs adventures 2

scrape scrape

of course this adventure comes from an earlier point in the man who forms scabs instantly’s life than the previous one…

…back when he had arms.

Scab man is one of the times when I draw before I think. This is usually a good technique as it both gives me a picture and doesn’t let my brain interfere with things. The downside is I can’t tell if it’s good or not for about six months. You’ll be getting a lot of these I think.

4 thoughts on “Scabs adventures 2

  1. Oh! He’s running away eating his free BISCUIT, right? Not… eating the giant scab in the bag, as I had previously thought..? Right..?


    Because in my head, that was grim.

    1. Your drawing style is such that I wasn’t certain. I suppose if called out on indecency he can always sandpaper himself and feign a particularly vile crepe suit.

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