This Is How Journalism Works

thank you and how do you spell your name

Last Monday’s headline was the funniest I’ve seen round these parts. It beats the usual fare of MURDER SWAN IN BANK RAM RAID – PICTURES or whatever it was today. I couldn’t possibly imagine the journalistic politics that went into making this the headline appear on every standy-uppy board outside a shop so I had to imagine the simplest way it might work (that’s how reasoning works, yes?). It was so good I had to steal a few of their banners from the standy-uppy coards for various living rooms I knew they’d improve.

It got better though. The next day,

thank you for not doing an arrest on uswhich I thought was a bit of a cop out, as it were. But then actually, they’d managed to put the same shaming headline up two days straight whilst being ever so obliging, sir.

One thought on “This Is How Journalism Works

  1. See, I loved the lego faces in the first strip. But the sheer glee of the journalist the second time around actually did make my day.

    I… will stop being the creepy one in the community.

    Or maybe I’ll just start linking to porn.

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