In other news, last weekend Spillers Mill caught fire and burned down. All of it had been demolished by now except for two of the big original old buildings (listed and interesting) to make way for Regeneration. Now one more building’s been demolished as dangerous and the other could be coming down soon. That would give a clean slate for another plate glass and steel blandity to be built in its place.

Arson’s not been ruled out and police are investigating an account of a digger entering the site in the night a few hours before the fire started.

Pics and follow-up. Working on extending the comic to include this turn of events.

A whole mish mash of updates will be smeared all over here as soon as I find a way to fit them down the tubes. I’m away for Easter at the moment so that might not be till the middle of next week. I was going to redraw them in ASCII format but then my computer crashed and I don’t feel like redoing it, guys.


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