you also want to see that penis in the rain

After all, the old ones were just the monsters and celebrities of the day.


5 thoughts on “Gargoyles

  1. The Bart is faintly depressing. The cock and the Dalek make me very happy indeed. The other one is… Dr Zoidberg..?

  2. Also hadn’t realised the blog was cutting off the lefthand side of the picture and what I thought was a tantalising half-glimpse of the cock appears infact to be Alien. Well. That’s a whole new nightmare.

  3. Bhutan designs? I’m not as on the ball as I should be there, sorry.

    I think that’s a Cthulu at the end there. Too obscure?

  4. Yay cthulhu. Too obscure, but in the sense that I couldn’t figure out what you’d drawn (and, given the other two gargoyles, wasn’t too sure in what context I was supposed to be thinking), rather than that the reference wasn’t cool.

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