I was in a psychology experiment yesterday, a human camera. The third line of panels – the memory test – hasn’t happened yet, but this is how I think it is supposed to go.

I think yesterday was the one year anniversary of this blog.


4 thoughts on “Psychology

  1. That experiment sounds more interesting than the norm. Reminds me of mental agility test/brain scan our mutual friend undertook that had to be stopped when he demonstrated low-wave sleep patterns. In his defence, the room was apparently both warm and dark.

    1. full sympathy … couple of years ago i did eight weeks of marathon sessions listening to bleeps in a warm soundproof cell. had to stop a few times or i was going to fall off the stool.

  2. Then you DID fall off the stool later one of the evenings when I was trying to cut your hair, I seem to recall. I almost took your ear off.

    1. the real quiz included a questionnaire on how often i fall asleep doing different activities. thankfully ‘psychological testing’ and ‘haircut’ were not on the list.

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