It’s been busy. So here’s today’s effort from our household subverting some wonderfully bad disney ripoffs found in a skip (I mean, look at the pig’s legs).

5 thoughts on “Anarchocorporate

    1. it is little stickers. there probably won’t be more, but we did get a style-your-own talking barbie bust. right now it has philip green’s face, a flower in its hair and a pinata on its head.

      put batteries in, press its neck and it asks for a makeover.

  1. Those pig’s legs are uncomfortably Escher-like. I can’t really stare at them too long or I start going cross-eyed…

    1. I just looked at them for a little bit too long. I’ve actually gone and taken the time to add the necessary line to swap the left and right legs around.

      *Sigh* that’s so much better.

      *goes to try and draw his own creepy Escher-disney hybrids*

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