Twenty questions

These are the same guys as last friday, later in the train journey.

So, you guys, I know what the animal was. I think you should keep guessing in the comments. It’s not a shark.


12 thoughts on “Twenty questions

      1. ‘A sort of bird’ instead of ‘yes’ means a weird not-exactly bird. And it eats fish. Blatantly a penguin. That kid would’ve preferred the flying shark though.

  1. Can things with beaks make out? Maybe that’s why the penguin looks so reluctant – It knows there’s just going to be horrible clacking noises and then the eyes of the world will turn on them and see their shame.

    1. Aw come on – they basically do a Klimt kiss every time they feed their young. It’ll work fine, s’long as they remember not to barf down each other’s throats.

      Unless that’s what does it for them, of course.

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