but then,

Well four hours after I shout about my anthology plans I get a prod from Facebook inviting me to contribute to a new Oxbridge comics anthology, 9th Art Magazine. The first issue (put together just in Oxford) is online and is pretty darn good by anthology standards. Also of note, it seems to have funding (sponsors and advertisers) and has printed 3000 copies of issue 1 and been distributed them for free. That’s a lot by small press standards.

So anybody interested in doodling a bit and getting published should get in touch with them – deadline for the next issue is 1 May, with details of how to do it all here. The (optional) theme is ‘Idea of the Century’.

But then what of my small press plans? We know I’m not really into all this sponsored advertising stuff, and the magazine is extremely centred on the Universities right now (also weirdly, they seem to insist comics must have a narrative in them. What?) . So I think I’ll keep the bits of my anthology I was most excited about – getting comics from friends – and see if anyone’s up for making a little zine instead.


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