Sorry Entertainer Anthology

Roll up you guys! The stellar folks in Bristol, Simon M and Nick Souček have been putting together a wicked jangle of comics all around the seed of the Sorry Entertainer. And I’m dead excited to be in it alongside some pretty gorgeous talent!

But to get this cavalcade to you we need cash, and so if you’ve got a little sloshing about, hey, can we have some? The team have started up an IndieGoGo fundraiser where you can find out all about it, who’s in it and donate (for rewards too). So crack out a couple of quid (only if you can actually afford it) and let’s see if we can get this thing into print by the end of May.

And in other news, I’m sitting on a pile of fun stuff and raring to show you. If only this sun would disappear so I could go inside and put it on the internet.

EDIT: The sun’s gone, but I’m on the road again. Updates start Monday and we’re gonna gun it and go daily for a couple weeks x

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