Big Society

There’s often an infuriating jump between smiley rhetoric and ideological practice. I’d have much more respect for the tories if they said, we believe in less state support for the populace and letting businesses take up that role instead of claiming that massive public sector cuts, groundwork for NHS privatisation, upping university fees, changing state schools to academies and scrapping green and conservation initiatives are somehow ‘fairer’ and/or ‘necessary’.

2 thoughts on “Big Society

  1. Laissez-faire capitalism doesn’t work well, and many capitalist industries have, for all intents and purposes, limitless capital at their disposal. So why, Mr Prime Minister, would a model of laissez faire community services work well; with no funding whatsoever, in a climate of not only economic depression but, more importantly, unprecedented low wage rise (as relative to inflation) and unemployment amongst ‘career upstarts’, when these aforementioned factors lead to not only a lack of money, but also time to share, within the communities that ‘have no choice but to “do it themselves”‘

    1. cheers – neatly put. i’m only just learning how to express political points, so it’s wicked knowing people are reading this in the right way!

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