knick knacks

Oof, a week orbiting the computer, unable to reach it, quite – but I’m back now. Sky is all done now, so have a read if you haven’t. I have a bundle more tales from that house which I think I’ll be telling sooner or later, though I’ll be illustrating them a bit differently.

My bundle of the Sorry Entertainer plumped onto my doormat this week, and it’s a really great anthology. The specific subject of it all means the contents are tight and don’t rattle in your brain as you move from page to page. You can grab a copy from me if you see me, or nab it from Simon M’s online store here for £1.20 including postage, which makes it quite literally as cheap as chips.


And eee, it’s getting busy. I’m putting together a strip for 9th Art Magazine, which everyone (from anywhere) should be thinking about drawing for (you’ve got a fornight left – 20th June). An unduly cool team from Cambridge are assembling a small comics collection of their own, tentatively titled Hot Dust Comics. And I’m hard at work on this Victorian bodybuilding spy thriller* which is hopefully launching in the autumn. Not to mention that I’ve just left my job, and am revving up for one last summer holiday.

*this description may not be entirely accurate


One thought on “knick knacks

  1. Phew! We were worried about you!
    Hope you have not been getting into mischief again, or if you have, that it was fun.

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