Bloaty head

There was a bit of concern over this strip, and I feel obliged to clarify that the stuff I’m letting out of my head is creative juice (or something similar) which is a metaphorical body fluid, not a real and disgusting one, as people seem to have thought.

So I’m hoping to get a lot done in the next couple weeks, including daily diary comics, of varying quality, to keep myself lubricated. They will start on Sunday (giving me a few days between the diary and the posting so I can work in batches) and will continue for as long as I do them. Could be a few days, could be a few weeks, who knows. In the meantime there will be a strip about this new haircut and one about a crap hedgehog.

Hey guys!


2 thoughts on “Bloaty head

  1. Good to have you back maestro!

    Will you give me the story of your walking exploits?

    I tried to write a bit about a sunken village- it started alright (60 frames) but I got lost ion work and tiredness. Hopefully I can resurrect it!

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