I should point out that all of these, save possibly the last, were considerable extended debates.

I should also point out that I really don’t remember who was on which side of all these disagreements, so let’s not think any worse of the characters portrayed. They are but memories in a cartoon’s mouth.

This comic happened the same day as yesterday’s so we’re already a day behind. Ho hum.

4 thoughts on “Arguments

  1. I would like to clarify that I think it’s a condiment if you intend it to improve the flavour, and Benny thinks its a condiment if it has an effect on the flavour. This is clearly very important.

  2. I am with chris. Spices added during cooking are not condiments, added afterwards they are condiments. I love how much margot’s comment sounds like her voice…

    1. thanks! it really is the only sensible interpretation.
      capturing individuals’ voices in comics is something i want to learn – perhaps i should start drawing the comments.

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