Playlists and clay pits.

No posts over the weekend, but that’s fine, I was on a boat, and these next few updates are going to be supersized.

Thanks everyone for comments and discussion (electric and verbal) for the last few strips. It’s really encouraging to hear you’re enjoying and thinking about this stuff.


5 thoughts on “Playlists and clay pits.

  1. Because they’re for swimming underwater. That’d be difficult if they floated.

    Also… if the feet end of you is floating would it not be quite difficult to keep the head end of you out of water…?

    …I think you should draw THAT.

  2. We’ve been over this many times before. It’s perfectly reasonable for flippers to have slight buoyancy when only used in shallow waters, indeed it would help your swimming posture.

    1. Its true, instead they’re Really heavy and a huge drag if you’re tired. First time I used them I was nearly sunk.

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