Wanted: a roof

We’re back we’re back. I’m in Manchester now and I am going to do a PhD. This week is busy is busy and I am trying to find a house, as the place I was hoping for has fallen through.

Hence this, all over Manchester.

So if you know anyone in Manchester who would like a housemate, hey, please get in touch.

I’ve had an amazing month of adventure in Europe, covered in water, sand, dirt, coal, spending my nights sleeping wherever there was a place to sleep. I have to work out how I can possibly communicate it. So watch this space.

Updates will be sporadic or not at all until I have a place to live. I can’t believe I’m travelling with only a few changes of clothes, my laptop, sketchbook and scanner.


8 thoughts on “Wanted: a roof

  1. If I had money or somewhere to live outside of my parents’ house I would offer to share a roof in order to lower the rent/use your scanner. ;)

    Seriously though, good look finding accommodation, good luck on the course and welcome to Manchester.Kudos for creating such awesome flyers. :)

    1. Cheers, James! I still don’t know if this sort of flyer is just hopelessly optimistic, but it was fun to make and feels more proactive than clicking links on gumtree all day.

      I think I’m gonna go to this month’s Manchester drink and draw – do you want to meet up for it?

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