No Terry 1

I’m in Scotland this week, so while I explore Edinburgh, here’s the first in a series of comics about the continuing silly adventures of these two guys.



King’s Affair

This is a comic I made at the big King’s Affair party last summer, just sketched in my notebook while in King’s Chapel listening to Hugh play.

In case you can’t read it, the text goes,

King’s College Affair, chapel is a chill-out zone. – I wonder why so many people are lying down flat on their backs.

Is everyone  drunker or higher than I think?

oh, that’s why.

More comics about crashing parties sometime in the eventually.

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Flying ants

And with three years of stuff binned or boxed and the flagstones of the streets swarming departure, we finally left Cambridge, leaving an oddly empty no-longer-home behind, still with some memories we couldn’t sweep out of corners and into boxes. We migrated off in every direction, bzzzz about the continent, or to new cities, where eventually all our wings dropped and we began to work or study again.

We had a wonderful lifetime in the Cat St nest. In our new homes we keep thinking of wings and warmth and friends to share them with.

Occupy London

Last weekend I was at Occupy London Stock Exchange. I was thrilled at the broad base of people who were (and still are) there, and the sense of something strong emerging through civil disobedience (rather than creeping oppression and powerlessness).

Further drooling

Hey, remember when I went and dribbled into tubes for science? Here’s a couple of diary comics drawn when I got back from the second visit, which was, well, less successful.

In other news, guys, I’ve had my first reviews, kinda. There’s three reports on the Sorry Entertainer anthology – Richard at Forbidden Planet, Rob Clough (of the tremendous Comics Journal) and Justin Giampaoli. All are pretty keen on my strip in it, which you guys probably haven’t even seen.

So why not do something for the small press scene today, and splash out £1.20 for a copy. It’s totally worth that.