The weekend weather report

It’s maybe too easy to gripe about the weather here. So far I actually like it. The rain adds atmosphere to everything, especially early in the morning and at night, and you feel like somewhere very close by there’s a story being told, because this atmosphere demands that. It makes me want to tell stories.


4 thoughts on “The weekend weather report

  1. Nice comic! the rain was actually pretty funny this weekend in the city centre. Saturday spent mostly inside listening to records and poetry writing with my friend which was, then finally decided to brave the village… making a run for it under each railway arch along the way to save our clothes and hair from getting too wet ha ha.

    1. Another reason to like the rain – it makes getting around into real thing. Going somewhere becomes an adventure or a penance, depending what you have to do. It makes the city a new place to navigate.

      1. That’s an interesting way of looking at it. I’ve always loved rain, but I can’t put my finger on why, I suppose it’s partly why I came to Manchester. Now I think about it, that’s a very bad way to pick your university.

        1. Hah, you might be right. But weather has such a massive effect on mood and mind – there’s a good argument that they’re the priorities when picking a place to learn. Textbooks are available anywhere. What are you studying?

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