Flying ants

And with three years of stuff binned or boxed and the flagstones of the streets swarming departure, we finally left Cambridge, leaving an oddly empty no-longer-home behind, still with some memories we couldn’t sweep out of corners and into boxes. We migrated off in every direction, bzzzz about the continent, or to new cities, where eventually all our wings dropped and we began to work or study again.

We had a wonderful lifetime in the Cat St nest. In our new homes we keep thinking of wings and warmth and friends to share them with.

3 thoughts on “Flying ants

  1. Very charming. Strange how moving on is such a big part of truly coming to appreciate something. You never really lose it, but you can’t quite keep it either.

  2. ps. Our poor little flat in Balham got Filled by those flying ant buggers one hot sunny day. Not cool when we still need to live there for a while!

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