The last few months have been really unhealthy with work, slaloming between feverish procrastination and officework. I went to Russia and I worked there for three weeks for twelve hours a day, and by the end of it I had finished a report that stretched across the room. I came back to England and spent a weekend in a home-brew hot tub in the countryside and thawed out. I’m now back in the office, and working safe hours that will stop my ice research from making me numb again.

We’re gonna have more comics, you guys.

The hairy guy’s bike cart was built this summer by my housemate. Check it out:

6 thoughts on “Icebreaker

  1. hey james! glad to see i’ve not vanished from everyone’s radars. i’m going to ease myself back into comics slowly slowly, but i’m hoping the blog will be a regular ol’ funpile for the foreseeable.

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