Conservation Briefs!


I’ve just launched an exciting new project with my siblings – say hello to Conservation Briefs! This week you can learn about why a knight might want to carry around a waxing kit and a hair dryer.

The blog is guided by Katie Fairless, who is a museum object conservator setting out to tell the world what that means, and why it’s exciting. I’ll be providing the pictures, and my brother Jonty is on hand for writing and design skills and common sense.

Check it out!



How to Survive a Season in Sea Ice


hey everyone, i made a little film for uni. it’s about postgrad life being tough and comparing it to life on a polar expedition. my research area is the arctic, so this seems a fair comparison to make (polar expeditions, historically, were not walks in parks). it is important to take care of yourself.

this is the rough draft made as a short film made for the Manchester Postgraduate Research Showcase. we ran into video quality trouble with the neater rescripted redrawn reshot version, which is a shame. a million thanks to alys kay for her advice and photoshop skills!


gubstock_colour_darkerlast year we had a fantastic day-long music festival in our house and garden. this was part of the promo artwork for the poster, and it features all my (then) housemates from Oh Man The Mountain <3

check OMTM here and listen to them here!



Tom and Ellen got married last year, and I made the shirts for the stag do on the narrowboat. Ellen’s laid up now with a messed-up leg, so get better soon!

Far from the Mad Crowd

This last month there have been two films that people in my house have been talking about a lot. This is what they’d look like mashed up.

madmaxAn independent woman, Furiosa, is faced with three different men – will she go for the taciturn Max, practical, crude and with nothing to his name, or the zealous young soldier Nux, or the powerful and cruel landowner Joe?

She’ll take none of them. She doesn’t need any of those losers, come on.