Local heroes

Cambridge Comics Creators Collective

A motley crew which whiles Saturday afternoons away with scribbles and cake at the Cafe Project in Cambridge

Paper Jam Comics Collective

A motley crew which whiles away alternate Thursday evenings with scribbles and beer at Travelling Man, Newcastle


The Great Unrest

The Third Estate

A Restless Thought

Ice Cream or Noodles?

Who else is here? x

The internet cream

Now I’m no avid paper comic reader, though I’m learning, so here is a smattering of things out of the internet which anyone should enjoy. I’ll update this as I work out what’s nice to share.

Trains Are … Mint

Oliver East’s a genius when it comes to communicating through drawings. His visual dialect takes a few pages to tune into but it’s gorgeous. Allemansretten‘s a great starting place, and Mint 6 went online recently. The rest is  on paper, drop by and I’ll lend you one.

Pictures for Sad Children

John Campbell can’t draw, but his pictures will make you feel awful.

KC Green

This is how humour works. A smart drawing hand and a sense of humour sharp and large enough to cut you up and swallow you.


A strip about terrible people who are mostly animals. The dialogue is cleverer than you but you still get it.

Dinosaur Comics

What it says on the tin never gets old. Wordsmith Ryan North can’t draw either, but doesn’t need to.

The Secret Knots

These words are somehow in my stomach, tying me up. Get back in my head.


Wonderful oblique storytelling as a host of fancy artists expand a fantasy fable.


Dash Shaw plays to senses you didn’t know you had.

Kate Beaton

Genuinely funny with quick execution and witsome conversations. Enjoys historical reenactment.

Kate Beaton

Makes anything funny with quick execution and funny conversations. Enjoys historical reenactment.


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